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Would you like to work with us, but are curious and need to know who is behind TidesCalling first?
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About Us

We are Jolie & Josh (our friends like to call us JJ). Both originally from Germany have grown up with different international backgrounds and  shared a strong curiosity for travel, learning about new countries and their cultures from the start.  

In 2022 we decided to start our nomadic adventure by traveling to Australia on a Work & Travel Visa. It’s been a blast to explore and learn more about the world ever since. We are currently enjoying our trip to Bali, Indonesia, and will travel back to our base in Brisbane, Australia, this November.
Jolie Rochell


Growing up in Mallorca, Spain, although my parents were both German taught me how to adapt to new environments and gave me a chance to grow up speaking four languages.

Over 10 years ago I decided to move to Berlin where eventually I met Josh. With a professional background in marketing, business, communication and a passion for design, my service will include developing your brand strategy, concepts, designing your logo and corporate identity as well as your website and brand kits.

Joschua Wittorff


From an early age, my parents wanted me to feel comfortable in a diverse setting and therefore decided to send me to an international school in Berlin. Growing up with friends from all around the world made me feel connected to their cultures and values.

As a clinical psychologist, my deep understanding of the human mind and behavior, combined with a passion for photography and technology I will help your business define a target group, facilitate your customer's experience and provide digital support to set up your Google Business, SEO, Social Media, etc.

Jolie Rochell & Joschua Wittorff


We are a dynamic duo that is a big believer in having individual strengths that combined for a good cause are unstoppable.

Working together for over the years makes us confident that together we can provide you with the perfect service package for your business.

Work with us!

If your brand was a blank canvas, how would you like people to feel when they see the final painting?

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Check our out Portfolio to receive a transparent overview of our completed projects and all the options you have to get started with your brand today!

Looking for travel content creators?

As full-time travelers we are so lucky to call the world our home and visit beautiful places along our journey. If you are looking for someone to capture your travel destiny (country, hotel, restaurant, activity) or have a sustainable brand you would like to produce creative content for, reach out to us, and let's schedule a call to chat!

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We are currently living in Bali for a couple of months and returning to our base in Australia this November.

With our Troopy (Landcruiser 75 Model from 1990) we will be continuing our roadtrip to Western Australia from Brisbane and working remotely along the way.

If you also want to follow our travel journey, join our travel channel on Instagram!
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